The mobilePDM solution allows you to benefit from the flexibility associated with the freedom of using your mobile device and intuitive interface, to remotely access your critical product development Data from Anywhere, at Anytime.

mobilePDM can benefit not only design managers and engineers on the go but, the sales, marketing and after-sales members as well, without constraint of time or location. mobilePDM solution facilitates communication and streamline collaboration among the different actors from design to manufacturing, quality, suppliers, maintenance.

mobilePDM has key functionalities that help answer the needs of the growing numbers of mobile users within an enterprise.


1. Status & Performance Report

mobilePDM gives mobile users the possibility to access from Anywhere, at Anytime the status on a particular project or the level of completion of projects consisting of parts assemblies, drawings and documents. For instance, one can easily see the colored % Completion on each file and the average completion of a Project. Besides, the actors can easily notify a particular object owner or designer of a particular action to perform directly from their iPhone/iPad device. By accessing this critical performance information on a mobile device, managers and engineers on the go are given full visibility on their projects, which allow them to take faster decisions while meeting their objectives of quality, deadlines and management reporting requirements.

2. Search

mobilePDM enables mobile users to search and find information pertaining to their projects with sophisticated search criteria. For instance, mobilePDM users can search in real-time on any combination of file names, attributes, lifecycle workflow status, type of document their product development information repository while on the go: During design review, when on the shop floor, during a meeting with a supplier/customer or at a remote site for maintenance. As such, mobilePDM users have more control over the information access and can make faster decisions without having to return to their desktop or making requests to obtain such information.


3. Complete Product Information

mobilePDM gives mobile users full navigation capabilities over their project structure right from their Iphone/iPad, while accessing all attributes and metadata available on their PDM system, as well as, Where used and Used by information. Information display can vary from one organization to another and is synchronized automatically with the specific datacards of the SolidWorks Enterprise System configuration. mobilePDM users can access in realtime from Anywhere all critical information pertaining to a particular object with the same level of granularity as their desktop colleagues

4. Document Viewing

mobilePDM enable mobile users the ability to view their PDF drawings related to particular objects. All released products have drawings that are automatically output from SolidWorks Enterprise PDM as part of the Workflow tasks. These files are accessible from mobilePDM and the viewing includes zooming/panning to get into the details of the drawing, giving mobile users advanced capabilities to save time during a design review or when on the shop floor or in situations requiring to view drawings for better clarity.


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